About OTO
OTO, expecting our brand core to convey the spirit as the "oasis", to be"Partners" of the customer in a helpless situation. The smiling is a symbol of friendship and dedicated service. Green represents our commitment to environmental protection, as a belief that we are selling our services and specialty with excellent merchandises. The most important things for a brand are not only doing marketing well, but also conveying the core values and common ideas, for the purpose of achieving our goals and ideals.

OTO is in the name of Automation, indicating that OTO is a specialized automated mechanical components agent to our customers and has become the high-end brands in the industry. A survey of Oxford University research has known 47% of jobs will be replaced by robots in the next 20 years. OTO is looking forward to becoming a reliable brand with public reputation in the market. We continuous challenges and changes our products widely. Covering various fields of automation machinery, such as smart phones, liquid crystal displays, semiconductors, LED, medical equipment, testing equipment, etc.
OTO symbolizes youthful vitality and innovation with an attitude of passionate service, based on a group of young people with full of enthusiasm and aspirations. In pursuit of meeting the need of our customer, we create the convenient, reliable, relieved and suitable new services. OTO is determined to do our services well and focus on customer issues. We will employ a variety of experts with different talents and insights to make observations and innovations from different angles in terms of creating a unique mode and extraordinary vision. Let us conclude the following word to show the spirit and belief of OTO partners. We think we create hopes and wonderlands for people, rather than just parts of worker.